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Looking for a fresh start, Robin (Katharine Isabelle), a recently divorced mother moves to a small town with her daughter, Sophie (Lilah Fitzgerald), where she has purchased a fixer-upper. Needing help with the renovations on her new home, she hires a handyman, Henry (Shawn Roberts), her meddling guardian angel, who helps her with so much more.

Robin (Katharine Isabelle) and her little girl Sophie (Lilah Fitzgerald) have quite recently moved in to a fixer upper which needs a considerable measure of repairing. Inconvenience is that Robin doesn’t know anything about repairing properties which is the reason Issy (Britt Irvin) who works at the handyman shop proposes she enlists a contractual worker to take every necessary step for her. That is the manner by which Henry comes into their lives as he appears on the day she happens to talk with temporary workers. However, it is no fortuitous event as Henry is in reality a blessed messenger who has been sent around the upper administration to help Robin. Be that as it may, with Robin having a stressed association with her ex, Sophie’s father, possibly repairing the property isn’t the main motivation behind why Henry has been sent down.

Before I go on I wager you read that rundown and try oblivious and say that Henry will wind up succumbing to Robin since that is the thing that more often than not occurs in these sorts of made for TV films which include a blessed messenger being sent to help somebody. What’s more, while there is a lot of other stuff going ahead in “Covert Angel, for example, Issy being sweet on Todd her director at the tool shop, Sophie feeling desolate and Robin’s neighbor being surly you can’t quit supposing you know where it will wind up. In spite of the fact that with regards to Robin’s neighbor who is a dowager you think there might be more to this than simply being testy.

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