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The daughter of the US ambassador to Canada is kidnapped.
A detective, who is deeply grieving over the tragic loss of his wife and daughter, becomes determined to find the kidnapped daughter of the U.S. Ambassador, no matter what the cost.

On a seemingly worry-free Ottawa morning, young Jenni Adams, daughter of U.S. Ambassador Patrick Adams, is snatched from right under the nose of her Secret Service detail. The blatant act has left the American authorities searching for answers with powerful pressure coming at them from every side. From senators all the way up to the President of the United States, the hunt is on to find this girl alive and return her to her family.

I’m not really fit the bill to make this feedback – I’ve just watched two out of five movies from D’Angelo’s inventory (Sicilian Vampire and this most recent exertion). Be that as it may, despite the fact that the two motion pictures are diverse in tone, I’m equipped for contrasting the two motion pictures and taking note of in the event that I’ve seen development from Frank D’Angelo: the producer, which I have.

As a patient and impressive storyteller, D’Angelo needs to feel the climate in a room and familiarize himself with everyone – the account is just about a reconsideration. In Sicilian Vampire, he completed this by having characters hang out, tell jokes, and scare each other with extreme talk. The fundamental issue with these groupings is that they deferred the film’s more grounded and more peculiar qualities.

Watch The Red Maple Leaf Online Free

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