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It’s hard to describe “The Florida Project” in a way that conveys its greatness without making it sound maudlin and sentimental. It is one of those films that defies its plot description through its execution. It is a film of small notes that combine to form something major, the kind of movie that sneaks up on you and sticks with you. Like last year’s Best Picture winner, “Moonlight,” it achieves much of its brilliance through specificity. It is an all-too-common story of a single mother and her daughter on the edge of the social ladder, but it is told in a way that embraces its details instead of trying to achieve some sort of universal statement. Co-writer/director Sean Baker very carefully conveys the specific truths of his characters’ daily lives and it’s that honesty that makes “The Florida Project” so powerful. This is a remarkable film, one of the best of the year.

The Magic Castle motel is the kind of place most people don’t even notice as they speed past it on their way to the Magic Kingdom. On a strip of cheap motels, gun stores, tourist traps, and various other establishments, this motel houses all kinds, from the tourists looking for something cheap (or, in one of the movie’s funniest scenes, booking the wrong hotel) to the working class who have basically turned it into permanent lodging. Baker very purposefully introduces us to his child protagonists first, best friends Moonee (Brooklynn Prince) and Scooty (Christopher Rivera). They’re running to a neighboring motel so they can spit on a car from the balcony above. It’s just one of those silly things kids do when they have nothing else planned. Just another day near the happiest place on Earth. After the owner of the car gets angry, Moonee and Scooty get a third partner-in-crime in her granddaughter, the sweet Jancey (Valeria Cotto).

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