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Samantha, a teacher, returns to her hometown for Christmas, where she is joined by her boyfriend, Alex. When she learns Alex is the crown prince of Madelvia, she must decide if she loves Alex enough to stop teaching and become a royal.

In A CHRISTMAS PRINCE, the European kingdom of Aldovia, as yet grieving the demise of its cherished lord, is expecting an imperative choice from their young beneficiary in-holding up. Will Prince Richard (Ben Lamb) expect his dad’s position of royalty, or will he remain the playboy and ne’er-do-well he is by all accounts? Richard’s choice is to be reported at the yearly Christmas Eve ball. Golden (Rose McIver), a youngster American magazine columnist who has never secured such an occasion without anyone else, is thrilled when she’s appointed the Aldovian story. Tragically, when Amber lands at the castle, she discovers that journalists have been prohibited from the procedures. Just a shot instance of mixed up personality gets Amber into the family’s chambers. Substituting a little double dealing for genuineness, Amber exploits the maid’s supposition that she is the new mentor to Richard’s younger sibling, Princess Emily (Honor Kneafsky). Quickly, Richard and Amber associate, however are careful about each other. Be that as it may, they soon discover much in like manner, particularly their anxiety for Emily, who is wheelchair-bound. It takes a former sweetheart, a conspiring would-be successor to the honored position, and Richard’s revelation that Amber isn’t precisely who she says she is, to confuse the story before conveying it to its foreseen decision.

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