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A young woman returns home and must confront her ex-boyfriend when an unexpected tragedy occurs.

Emily Martin (Noël Wells) doesn’t quite know how to explain what it is she does, or even what it is she wants to do. She’s not exactly an actress. She’s not exactly a comedian either. She hangs around improv clubs in Los Angeles, but feels put off by the whole “scene.” She made one YouTube video that went viral, but she couldn’t “monetize” it. Emily is first shown during an audition in which she transforms herself in quick succession since she only has five minutes, into Holly Hunter at a garage sale, Kristen Wiig coming across a murder, a Vine video of someone tripping at a Beyonce concert, and a “girl who’s always cold.” The casting director is frozen in fear at the rollicking manic display. Emily tromps off to her gig editing videos in some random apartment crowded with people on laptops. All of this occurs in the first five minutes of Wells’ first feature as a writer and director, “Mr. Roosevelt.” Anyone who has ever circulated, even peripherally, in any comedy club scene, will recognize all of it. It’s a quick-flash study of both frenzied activity and crushing ennui.

Emily is a transplant to Los Angeles from Austin, Texas. She is unmoored. The “industry” has no idea what to do with someone like her. She doesn’t know what to do, and her awkward self-deprecation makes others recoil from her. When her ex-boyfriend Eric (Nick Thune) calls to let her know that her cat—Mr. Roosevelt—has died, Emily dissolves into tears and books the first flight back to Austin she can find.

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