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Trying to reverse a family curse, brothers Jimmy and Clyde Logan set out to execute an elaborate robbery during the legendary Coca-Cola 600 race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Steven Soderbergh’s “Logan Lucky” is a cheerful, abject impact. It’s a let’s-ransack the-course heist comic drama set in that all-American place that even rednecks would have no issue calling redneck nation: the place where there is NASCAR and kid excellence expos, spangly long fingernails and roadside biker-bar fights, and — nowadays being what they are — endless joblessness and profound stagnation. (Hello, not all that much’s.) The content, by Rebecca Blunt (it’s her to begin with, and it’s a delight), abuses the Southern present for turning something as essential as a progression of turnpike headings into a fanciful story. What’s more, Soderbergh, coordinating his initially highlight in four years (his last one was the radiant HBO Liberace biopic “Behind the Candelabra”), plays, with an undetectable wink, off the characteristic conceived comic drama of far reaching drawls that veer from the charmingly folksy into a sort of good-ol’- kid theater (lying about your plausible excuse, it turns out, is significantly more compelling when you do it from behind the defensive layer of a pan fried emphasize).

“Logan Lucky” ends up being a pointedly perceptive fanciful story all its own, a motion picture that takes advantage of the moving progression of Trump nation (however the T-word itself is never said). After an introduction that highlights the twin fixations of John Denver sentimentality and pickup-truck repair, the activity gets get under way when Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum), a bulky separated father who lives in a tin-walled shack in Boone County, W.Va., loses his most recent hard-cap gig, all since somebody from HR spied him strolling with a slight limp, which could flag a prior condition, which could demonstrate noteworthy. As a matter of fact, it’s only old football damage, and yes, he ought to have said it on his application frame (however all things considered he most likely wouldn’t have landed the position). However the convenient corporate shamefulness of this here-today-gone-tomorrow cutback reveals to all of you have to think about the prospects for Jimmy’s future: There are none.

That is the reason he feels absolutely supported — thus does the group of onlookers — when he chooses to put it all on the line by looting the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, N.C. That is the place he was driving a bulldozer underground to repair sinkholes when he mentioned a startling objective fact: All the cash that comes into the dashing complex gets traveled through an out-dated pneumatic tube transport framework (PTT), a system of snake-like barrels that breeze their direction underground and pipe the cash into a steel bank vault. On account of the repair work, the vault’s seismic-sensor caution framework has been killed. What’s more, those tubes? They’re the very simple route in.

Soderbergh, obviously, is the ruler of the contempo motion picture heist escapade, and “Logan Lucky” is an undeniable cousin to his “Ocean’s” films, however it’s not really “Sea’s Fourteen” in white-waste drag. The heist is maliciously shrewd, yet just once in a while does it feel motion picture smart. It has a custom made, gimcrack, screw-top quality that imprints it as an unadulterated result of the down-home Southern creative ability, and the way that Soderbergh has coordinated the motion picture, establishing it in a validness of region, behavior, and financial aspects, it could nearly go for a genuine life wrongdoing dramatization, similar to the Lufthansa heist in “GoodFellas” (despite the fact that this one is altogether made up).

At the point when chiefs end up plainly rich and well known, they regularly lose their capacity to sensationalize the ways of life of poor people and customary. In any case, Soderbergh, as a movie producer, has never put some distance between the otherworldly beat of regular experience, and in “Logan Lucky” his vibe for saltine barrel screw-ups has a stringent vivacity. Logan assembles a group to submit the heist, beginning with his more youthful sibling, Clyde (Adam Driver), a tragic sack barkeep who lost his lower arm amid one of two voyages through obligation in Iraq. The two offer a feeling of experienced “the Logan revile,” a group legend that fundamentally comes down to the way that they’re both ne’er-do-wells who’ve been on a descending slant since secondary school. Clyde, who wears the legend intensely, is a trick nut who talks with mechanical agony, and Driver makes him a thoughtful semi-oddball who’s connected, in more courses than one, to his phony arm (it’s his closest companion).

The motion picture fills in each of the Logans’ backstories in about a moment, and that is all you require: Jimmy the fallen athlete lord who never made it to the masters (just to find that the universe of fair manual work had dissipated), and Clyde the younger sibling who begrudged Jimmy so much that he went to Iraq just to satisfy him. On occasion, the two could be a scragglier form of the siblings in “Damnation or High Water,” submitting theft to battle The System. Just for this situation they can’t do only it.

Their key accessory is Joe Bang, an explosives master played, with a brutally quick and interesting sparkle, by Daniel Craig as a twisted hillbilly varmint in a bleach fair buzzcut. Since Joe is serving a jail sentence, they need to break him out of prison and after that back in with nobody seeing, an arrangement that demonstrates almost as convoluted as the heist itself. However, it’s justified regardless of the exertion, since just Joe — a hayseed science wizard — would know how to assemble a bomb out of blanch tabs, counterfeit salt, and Gummy Bears. In pretty much every heist film, we’re told what the arrangement is before it’s brought forth, yet in “Logan Lucky” we watch the burglary unfurl without having any thought where it’s going, and that gives it a jerry-fixed quality that is immediately comical, sensational, and conceivable (well, kind of).

There are other strange and connecting with characters, similar to Jack Quaid and Brian Gleeson as Joe Bang’s kin, who finish the heist group (they’re much further down on the boondocks chain of command); Seth MacFarlane as a skin-crawlingly repulsive British games auto financier; Katherine Waterston as the meandering human services proficient who sees what a gem waiting to be discovered Jimmy is; Dwight Yoakam (cast amusingly against sort) as a jail superintendent who hides his insignificant outrages where no one will think to look; Hilary Swank as a FBI operator who, in her strait-bound path, demonstrates as stubbornly flighty as Marge Gunderson from “Fargo”; Katie Holmes as Jimmy’s burning ex; Farrah Mackenzie as his Rihanna-focused girl; and the attractive Riley Keough as the Logans’ flaky yet brilliantly uncursed beautician sister. They’re all stupendous organization, as is the film, notwithstanding when it takes a last-demonstration bend that uplifts its vantage however flattens a touch of its vitality. In any case, that is a minor bandy. “Logan Lucky” is Soderbergh in mid-season frame, and there ought to be a strong summer specialty for a film that is this much ripsnorting fun.

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