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4 complete strangers with similar backgrounds find themselves unknowingly playing a part in bringing a sociopath’s sadistic fantasy to life.

Robert is an ex-con who has been discharged under parole. He tries to remake his life, however there’s very few open doors out there for a person out of jail like him. He lives in a motel room, clears floors at an independent company, life is genuinely unforgiving. Robert becomes friends with Rachel, a whore who is separated between life in the lanes or escaping the hustle for good. Robert’s probation officer, George Edwards chooses to enable him to out and associates him with his companion Jim Gallargo, a man running for Mayor who gives Robert some work running errands for him. Lamentably for Robert, Gallargo is a man with rather shrewd plans for him. Robert and Rachel alongside other two outsiders conscious to find that they are presently unwilling pawns in a round of Gallargo’s outline. The chase has recently started.

HONGO’s interpretation is “Mushroom” or Fungus. Gallargo looks at Robert and Rachel to leftover filth, since they are viewed as low-lives by Gallargo. Gallargo’s reasoning is that lawbreakers are eating the assets of the nation by essentially being kept nourished in jail or permitted once again into the roads. He just dehumanizes these individuals for having set aside a few minutes in jail, regardless of what the wrongdoing may have been, to Gallargo is all the same to him, they are all filth. Some portion of’s Gallargo will probably chase down these ex-cons gave by George on account of his position as a probation officer. The most peculiar piece of Gallargo’s amusement is that he has transformed other ex-cons into careless slaves like zombies, which would likewise be discharged to offer pursue to Robert, Rachel and whatever is left of the casualties. HONGO is on a fundamental level an examination of the outcomes that the American equity framework has on the lives of Ex-Cons. Robert speaks to the amazing level of hued guys who are unreasonably treated by the criminal equity framework. For a shaded male like Robert, living day to day after jail can be unthinkable; no cash, no occupations since nobody needs to enlist an ex-con because of the social shame that it brings, regardless of whether the wrongdoing submitted by Robert is a crime. The framework is stacked against him, before he enters jail, inside jail and after jail.

Gallargo speaks to the area of the American white populace that sees each man in jail as useless rubbish, not minding what the charges where. His notices of “offenders costing citizen cash” point that he is unquestionably a republican traditionalist in the vein of a Jeff Sessions. It is no incident that he is running for leader and that his political stage includes whipping out individuals shamefully captured by the criminal equity framework. In any case, for Gallargo’s arrangement to work, he should discover willing “voters” like George who have been themselves casualties to a wrongdoing, along these lines Gallargo has the apparatuses to legitimize his campaign of dogmatism. Gallargo additionally demonstrates to have sexist inclinations, he actually picks a whore as his casualty, exhibiting this is the way he sees generally ladies. His intend to transform ex-cons into zombies mirrors the way he considers them: to be dribbling, rough savages that can’t be controlled. HONGO is an examination on how individuals like Gallago neglect to see that not all ex-cons are brutal lawbreakers who are out there to decimate society, or even that the convicts merit better treatment while serving their sentences and ought to be given projects that could enable them re-to incorporate into society. The chances will dependably be against individuals like Robert and Rachel as long as men prefer Gallargo endeavor to run the nation.

Watch Hongo Online Free