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In this Sci-Fi thriller, when a group of friends go missing, the local Police are shocked at the return of a mysterious stranger. While searching for their missing friends, they uncover a dark secret and the truth behind the ‘Grey Agenda’.

In this Sci-Fi spine chiller, when a gathering of companions disappear, the neighborhood Police are stunned at the arrival of a secretive outsider. While scanning for their missing companions, they reveal a dim mystery and reality behind the ‘Dim Agenda’.

I didn’t try to peruse any remarks or to take a gander at what number of stars this “motion picture” had until in the wake of observing whatever I could deal with lastly turned it off less then 20 minutes in.. I truly said so anyone can hear “What the heck AM I WATCHING” trailed by a decent laugh. This was me thoroughly judging a book by it’s cover and on the grounds that it was on Amazon Prime..WRONG, lol! Truly in the event that you like crappy autonomous movies that has crappy uproarious music took after by crappy acting and you don’t have anything better to do at that point watch it BUT I STRONGLY recommend to please simply trust us since you can NEVER get back the time you squandered. It made me chuckle though….that is giggle at myself for endeavoring to watch it. KEEP SMILING~

Watch Grey Agenda Online Free

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