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Alexander Payne’s “Downsizing” starts with an intriguing “What if?…”, the launch pad of all good sci-fi stories, and very quickly devolves into a bland story about a nondescript khaki-wearing guy who learns to care about the less fortunate. It’s the least interesting way to go with what is a pretty interesting premise. The Nebraska born-and-raised Payne has always been interested in the Everyman, the regular guy caught up in extraordinary circumstances, but in “Downsizing,” the possibilities of the imaginative scenario are mostly abandoned for this other totally banal theme. Good sci-fi works on its own terms, setting up the “rules” of the alternate world, and then carrying these rules out to their farthest reaching conclusions. How would one technological change affect humanity? How would consciousness itself change if such-and-such became possible? “Downsizing” is interested, sort of, in those types of questions, but the clichés have proven irresistible.

The film takes place in an era not too far in the future when a group of scientists in Norway have figured out a way to shrink human beings into five-inch-tall versions of themselves. The discovery is hailed as a revolution and a possible answer to the climate change emergency. If human beings take up less space, create less of a carbon footprint, make less trash, then perhaps the planet can be saved. Within a couple of years, “downsizing”—as the procedure is called—has swept the planet. “Downsized” communities crop up everywhere, with governments giving tax credit incentives to those who choose to go small.

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