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In a world overrun by zombies, military personnel and survivalists live in an underground bunker while they seek a cure.

“Day of the Dead: Bloodline” feels like one of those zombie flicks that was slightly tweaked here and there to resemble the 1985 Romero film but could have started life as any sort of flick featuring brain-eaters. The shared DNA with Romero’s flick is in two key aspects of this new work—the setting of a remote military-run complex after the world has been overrun by the undead and a ‘Bub’ character who seems a little different than your run-of-the-mill zombie. However, the social commentary that coursed underneath “Day of the Dead” is largely lacking here. While Romero’s film felt like it had something to say about control and the government (even if Roger notoriously didn’t think it succeeded in saying it), “Bloodline” can’t figure out its message, and the characters are nowhere near interesting enough to overcome the muddled themes of the film.

“Bloodline” sets its tone with a hyperactive opening scene that attempts to capture the end of the world. A woman, who we will learn is a medical professional named Zoe (Sophie Skelton), shuffles her way down a street as the zombie apocalypse unfolds around her. Instantly, it’s clear that these are more “Boyle Zombies,” the runners from the “28 Days Later” films than the plodders from Romero’s works. They even have the hand-eye coordination to snatch people off moving bicycles and crash car windows. The world has gone mad.

Cut to “Four Hours Earlier,” where we learn more about Zoe, who is working at a hospital when hell breaks loose. The flashback is mostly designed to introduce us to Max (Jonathan Schaech), a creepy patient of Zoe’s who not only has something unique about his blood but is obsessed with our heroine. How obsessed? Carved-her-name-in-his-arm obsessed. During a party at the facility, Max tries to rape Zoe, only to have a corpse the doctors were examining spring to life and attack him. Suddenly, the office party is going very badly. At least one can say that “Day of the Dead: Bloodline” wastes no time getting to spurting jugulars, consumed intestines, and puking blood.

Watch Day of the Dead: Bloodline Online Free

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Watch Day of the Dead: Bloodline Online Free