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When darkness is attached and dreams haunt the head, an alternative source of relief can be found in the darkest of places by a most unbelievable being, the elusive Chameleon. When a young photographer seeks relief from his recurring nightmares, the Chameleon provides a cure. Little does he know the side effect is the realization of his nightmares materializing in the real world.

Mysterious “Chameleon” is a moderate thrill ride in which an apparently considerate guest to a well-off lesbian couple’s home ends up having exceptionally evil goals. Parsimonious on customary rushes, and really dinky as far as brain science also, Jorge Riquelme Serrano’s introduction include is a correctly built chamber piece that will forcefully partition groups of onlookers with the two its coolly removed style and ignitable yet to some degree bewildering content.

While some may respect its Haneke-like dispassion in the midst of progressively disturbing occasions, others may discover the component of class-fighting scrutinize under-enunciated, or encounter the focusing of gay characters here as an outflow of, as opposed to a critique on, homophobia. Whatever their decision, festivalgoers will have bounty to talk about thereafter. Standard watchers are probably going to be few for a thing that so intentionally shuns the standard fulfillments of a business anticipation account.

After a concise, unpinnably bizarre introduction in which a young fellow hits the dance floor with an apparently tranquilized up more established one, we meet (Paulina Urrutia) and (Paula Zuniga) as they stir in their great sea see Santo Domingo house. Obviously there was a gathering the prior night, from which the more housewife-y, if hungover, Paula starts to tidy up flotsam and jetsam. Paulina isn’t much help — and she hopes to be served breakfast too. Their to some degree disproportionate, semi-cliché femme/butch dynamic uncovers itself in little courses at initially, however we gather that Paulina’s inevitable solo work outing to London may flag a noteworthy break in an effectively dangerous relationship.

Watch Chameleon Shadow Online Free

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