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2010’s “Skyline” maintains its unique position in bad movie history as the unlikely boondoggle that somehow made you want to see a sequel. That interest comes from its final moments: the promise of a battle royale between alien monsters, one of them steered by a human’s brain. The visual cliffhanger is as grandiose as it is ridiculous, whether or not the homemade sci-fi movie from VFX gurus the Strause brothers could afford it. Still, a genre geek could dream.

For his directorial debut, “Skyline” producer Liam O’Donnell sidesteps the the story originally by himself and co-writer Joshua Cordes, hungry for a similar “cool” that came from the first film’s last audacious moments. This time, he drops the “Cloverfield” vibe of “Skyline” and tries to throw a bunch of action movie craziness into the fray: Frank Grillo (“Captain America: Civil War”), Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian (the dynamic Pencak Silat duo from the “Raid” movies) and yes, a granted wish for alien wrestling. But the mix of these giddy ingredients is diluted by its weak storytelling, leaving “Beyond Skyline” with only fleeting moments of genre glee to offer any special reason for it to exist.

The invasion is the same as in the original: large spacecrafts have sucked Los Angeles residents up into the sky using a bright blue light that hypnotizes them. But this movie offers a different on-the-ground perspective, for the most part, as we follow a few different people trying to escape the towering aliens that are slingshotting human beings into their claw-hands or just ripping out their brains. Frank Grillo’s Mark is a grizzled LAPD cop who has just picked up his Tucker Max-looking son Trent (Jonny Weston) from jail when the attack happens. The two then team up with the likes of a subway conductor named Audrey (Bojana Novakovic), and fellow cops like Garcia (Jacob Vargas) and Sandra Jones (Betty Gabriel), not to mention a blind homeless man named Sarge (Antonio Fargas) whose narrative purpose is profoundly cheap.

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