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A housewife struggles with her husband after he is possessed by a ghost.

Carmen is a housewife from Madrid mother of adolescent Toñi and wedded with the macho man and fixated on soccer Carlos, which her day by day life entangling because of the damaging character of Carlos. Amid the gathering after a wedding of Carmen’s nephew, her cousin Pepe chooses demonstrate his capacities as artist with a trance session. After Carlos taunts Pepe before all welcomed, an apparition has Carlos, enduring weird and radical changes of states of mind and practices. Meeting with Pepe, Carmen searching for answers to find what’s going on. Aided by Prof. Fumetti, Pepe’s guide, Carmen understands that Carlos is controlled by the soul of Tito, a schizophrenic young fellow who in mid 80’s slaughtered his own mom and a few colleagues to a wedding party before confer suicide in a similar eatery where he worked and where Carmen’s nephew praised his gathering. With time running out, Carmen and Pepe attempt to exorcize the malevolent soul before Carlos be completely invalidated by Tito, in the meantime …

An in fact great blend of the business and the individual, Pablo Berger’s short of breath wild ride Abracadabra daringly goes out on a few appendages without a moment’s delay. All out Spanishness, components of noir, gothic loathsomeness and social editorial wire into a splendidly shaded, eye-getting dim comic drama that is definitely all in or all out however never, ever dull — like a more cerebral Alex de la Iglesia, in whose soul of controlled ridiculousness the film has been made. To be sure, Abracadabra winds up looking particularly like a cinephile’s respect to those bits of Spanish film — beginning with messy authenticity before turning out into spine chillers, gut and the mysterious — that Berger has appreciated throughout the years.

His last, Snow White, won honors past Spain and Europe, making global buzz around a chief who with Abracadabra has conveyed an extremely Spanish thing. This may clarify its get-away time discharge in Spain, while the at-home rivalry is low — yet regardless of its blemishes, it holds enough brio and style to recommend that Euro and Latin American regions may take after. For the record, Abracadabra is on Spain’s three-film accommodation waitlist for the best outside dialect film Academy Award.

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Watch Abracadabra Online Free
Watch Abracadabra Online Free