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Two would-be thieves forge a surprising relationship with an unexpected housesitter when they accidentally trap themselves in a house they just broke into.

The peculiarity remainder is adequately hoisted to give unassuming delight in “A Bad Idea Gone Wrong,” a lightweight satire that, with just minor tweaking, could be figured out into the sort of one-set, three-act bagatelle frequently organized at supper theaters decades prior. It’s a recognizable story of learner culprits who get themselves a few classes out of their profundity amid their first endeavor at a major score, with just a couple of crisp turns — and no less than one, ahem, crimp — to separate it from different emphasess of that situation. All things being equal, at the danger of accursing it with the faintest of applaud, it is obviously more wonderful, and all the more reliably clever, than a few noteworthy studio discharges in late memory that were misleadingly ballyhooed as giggle riots.

In spite of indications that neither one of the guies is prepared to stop his normal everyday employment, slackerish amigos Marlon (Matt Jones) and Leo (Will Rogers) expect to commence an existence of wrongdoing by conceptualizing a theft. Leo, a self observer nursing a wounded heart subsequent to saying a final farewell to his long-lasting life partner, proposes the ideal spot for their introduction heist, a richly delegated house in a gated group. Marlon, a grandiose individual with lost trust in his own shrewdness, acknowledges the proposal without considering that Leo may have ulterior thought processes — like, perhaps, exact retribution — for ravaging this specific place.

Intricacies emerge when Marlon accidentally actuates the alert framework on the premises, truly obstructing their capacity to get out after they soften up. Also, those intricacies get much more convoluted when the novice cheats find they are not the only one: Darcy (Eleanor Pienta), a bold young lady who recognizes herself as a housesitter, is sleeping soundly in the main room before she is impolitely stirred and impudently confident.

The three well-given leads absolve themselves a role as top notch farceurs all through “A Bad Idea Gone Wrong,” which got a unique jury grant for best group at the SXSW Film Festival. It’s just a perception, not expected as feedback, to take note of the fact that it is so natural to envision Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Elizabeth Perkins being thrown in the no so distant past in similar parts more than competently played here by, separately, Rogers, Jones and Pienta.

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