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A Good Samaritan wins a small fortune and decides to play secret Santa to the residents of His small town, soon finding love in the process.

A man who wins a little fortune chooses to share his rewards by going about as a Secret Santa to individuals in a residential community. One of the characters picked is a kid whose father is perished. The man becomes attached to the Boys mother and starts to begin to look all starry eyed at her….

Baxter Billings is a picture taker who has as of late turned out to be locked in and he wins $50,000. Rather than utilizing that cash for his wedding and squirreling it away as a retirement fund for what’s to come. Baxter chooses to go about as a mystery Santa and give the cash away to those that are disastrous or don’t have enough cash.

This incorporates individuals who can’t bear to purchase presents from the retail establishment so Baxter pays over $4000 so different families can have Christmas presents.

His liberality in his residential area prompts other individuals acting generously to outsiders. Christmas shopping is to a lesser degree a scrum and perhaps individuals have found the genuine importance liberality, giving and the merry season.

Baxter’s life partner isn’t excessively satisfied when she finds about Baxter’s spending binge. Try not to stress she is introduced as shallow and not all that pleasant from the word go. Baxter comes over a pleasant dowager and her young child and Baxter succumbs to her.

I watched this with my child who discovered it rather mushy and unpleasant. What was the arrangement of Baxter taking pictures through the window of the dowager and her child in their home?

Watch 12 Days of Giving Online Free