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Vicky Donor 2012 Hindi Movie Story

NOT RATED 126 min

IMDB: 7.8/10 29,527 votes

Movie Name Vicky Donor


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Country(s) India


IMDB Vicky Donor

Award(s) 22 wins & 13 nominations.

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Vicky Donor 2012 Hindi Movie Story

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Movie starts with Dr. Baldev Chaddha (Annu Kapoor). He is a fertility expert. He runs a clinic and a sperm bank in Daryaganj, Delhi. He guarantees high-quality and specialised sperm for couples. Unfortunately, he has more failed cases than successes.He needs a healthy and high-performing donor. He starts searching. While searching he come to know about Vicky Arora (Ayushmann Khurrana). He is a Delhi naughty boy lives with her mother Dolly (Dolly Ahluwalia). Dolly is a single parente of Vicky. She runs a parlour in Lajpat Nagar. They were living a happy normal life. But Dolly always pokes Vicky to go for some work so that they can live a better life. But Vicky wants a job in a multinational company. He thinks that which will provide him with a better lifestyle. Vicky’s neighbor Shweta (Puja Gupta) is attracted towards Vicky but he doesn’t like her.

One day Chaddha and Vicky meets face to face. Chaddha offers him to be a sperm donor. But Vicky disagrees with it. Chaddha spends days and nights for convincing Vicky to become a donor. Finally Vicky get agree. Vicky hesitant at first but he accepts the offer because it gives him a lot of money. Now he starts to spend money to fullfill all his dreams. At first he openly discloses he is a sperm donor to his friends. But his friends laught at him so he starts to keep it a secret.

One day Vicky goes to open an account in a bank. Where he falls in love with Ashima Roy (Yami Gautam), a Bengali bank employee. At first Ashima does not like him, but slowly becomes attracted to him. They starts dating each other. After some time they decide to get married. But their family is the big issue because they are of different culture. But they convince their families and get married.

After their wedding Vicky stops donating sperm. After some time It is discovered that Ashima is infertile. One day Ashima come to know that his husband is a sperm donor. Ashima becomes extremely upset as that he lied to her. Ashima goes back to her father’s home. Vicky is very upset as he loves Ashima a lot. He tried a lot to get her back but Ashima disagrees. Vicky tells about it to Dr. Chaddha. Vicky explains that Ashima has left because he is a sperm donor. Dr. Chaddha promises him that he will fix his marriage.

Dr. Chaddha host an event. He tells Vicky to bring Ashima there.Vicky trys his best to bring her.Finally after so much efforts she agrees to go with Vicky to Dr. Chaddha’s event. In that event Dr. Chaddha called all the families who received Vicky’s sperm. All families thanked Vicky and Ashima for their support. She then sees how Vicky has brought happiness into the families’ lives. After that they adopt a child and lives happily in their life …….

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Vicky Donor 2012 Hindi Movie Story
Vicky Donor 2012 Hindi Movie Story