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Tube Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online

This is a touching action epic about an all-out war between a subway terrorist who holds a city hostage and the detective who risks his life to save everyone. It’s the heart-wrenching story of love and sacrifice that grows in a desperate situation, and the humanity of people trying to save others in the face of extreme danger at breath-taking speeds and on a huge scale.

Taking a dose from “Speed”, “The Rock”, and “Die Hard”, the South Korean movie TUBE is just your average shoot’em up and blow’em up actioner. It takes its cues more from your average Hollywood summer fare, with an outrageous premise and a variety of cliches only possible in similar silly action movies.

TUBE has going for it an intriguing villain, but the hero is not quite so interesting, even if the film spends more than 25 of the first 30 minutes on his back story. The character of the girl who falls in love with the hero and basically stalks him around south Korea is a bit disturbing, mostly because it’s so silly and unbelievably “kiddie” stuff.

Not to say that TUBE isn’t a worthwhile movie. It has its share of exciting action set pieces, but for the most part the film lacks brain cells, which isn’t much of a surprise for action movies. And yet, TUBE just doesn’t seem to understand that criminal masterminds don’t leave a spunky girl alive even after she’s fouled up his plan for the 50th time. Outrageously silly.

Tube Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online

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Tube Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online